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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Postcard from the Sea of Life - The Laziest and the Best

Pool, digital painting

PARADOXICALLY, MY DIGITALLY PAINTED POOL was inspired by the laziest artist I know and the best artist I know.

The  laziest artist  is Paul W, who  was a classmate of mine in the NYU graduate painting program. Fortunately for Paul, his prodigious talent compensated for his prodigious laziness.  Being one who did not put himself out for painting (or for anything else for that matter) for the entire year he set a chair in front of his studio window and painted only that which he could view from the window. (Sometimes he included stuff on the windowsill.) Despite this rather limiting approach, he produced some  masterful  paintings. After all, it's not what you paint, it's the way that you paint it

The best artist (or at least one of them) is David Hockney. His mode of working is antithetical to Paul's for a variety of reasons, not least of which is that he travels the world while producing his art.

Pulling a Paul W. and a David Hockney:

Several years ago, inspired by Paul's laziness and Hockney's ipad paintings, I decided to paint  only what I could see from from my pool chair on my Ipad.

I had no supplies with me anyway and no inclination  to move from my chair, so, I decided to give digital painting a whirl. Usually a studio artist, I  am the first to admit I left my comfort zone. More like it, I was totally out of control but managed to paint my inaugural digital painting, Pool  and loved every minute of it.  To keep myself going,  throughout my technical bungling, I kept chanting a refrain I learned from Professor Torreano, my painting teacher  at NYU"

"If you know what you're doing it's craft; if you don't know what you're doing, it's art!"

 The above painting, Pool, definitely qualifies as art!


  1. I love the drawing you posted on your blog. Whatever that thing is that sounds like Winnebago, I think you're getting it. Keep it up!
    Drawing/painting from life is so great. Any watercolor action yet?

  2. You clearly do not need a studio. It's fabulous.

  3. Thanks. Besides a pool chair is so much more fun than a studio.

  4. Laziest and Best artist, I thought you were talking about yourself. Maybe your were, but look what you did digitally. Hmmmm...who ever told you could do digital art?

  5. Simply charming. I can see Florida agrees with you.

  6. Your digital drawing is lovely! As an artist, I am interested in Hockney and his digital work also.

  7. Hi Susan, I love your art! But I did not realize it was digital! Did you work with a photo or did you sit outside with a tablet?

  8. Hi Arlee, I sat outside with my computer and tablet and drew directly on the tablet. It is a much looser look because I am somewhat out of control!

  9. It looks so lush and lovely. There's no end to your creativity!