Susan's "subject matter, context and medium...present a coherent artistic vision"
John Torreano, Clinical Professor of Studio Art, NYU

"Great stuff. Love your work."
Seymour Chwast

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Magritte Bites It

Ravenous, that twit, Rene Magritte
Bites into an apple and swallows a pit
Enters a trance...has sort of a fit -
Countenance greenish, brightly lit.

An apple appears - center face
Hides his nose -  there's not a trace
No eyes, no mouth - what a disgrace!
He peeks under his bowler just in case.

The fruit grew there he must admit
Because he didn't spit out the pit
Now branches sprout where he must sit
Ouch!  That's got to hurt a bit.

He contemplates while having a cry
It's nothing that will  make him die
Picking apples to paint and for pie
He becomes the apple of my eye.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Salvador Dali's Chauffeur

It's moving to be an artist's chauffeur
I prepare myself by drinking liqueur
Pick up my idol,  Salvador Dali
Take a wrong turn in Tin Pan Ally.

Dali is dressed in tails and two ties
What happens next -  I'll tell no lies
I open his door, then shut it quicker
That's when I see lavender flicker.

One of his ties, the long  one - wrong size!...

Gets caught and  Dali is stuck to the car
Worse than that, his tie I mar
Then when I  free him, I step on his finger
That crunching sound will always linger.

Dali finally arrives, moustache all a twitter,
Smoothing his glitter, he is no quitter.
But says in an abstract surrealist moan
Wanting so much to be left alone, 

"No need to fetch me with your  hack
 I think I'll take a taxi back!"

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Postmodern Shark Attack

Damien Hirst
Nearly burst
Trying to out-camp
Marcel Duchamp.

To top Marcel's conceptual urinal
Damien worked in an air force terminal.
Eventually something fishy did fit
For the iconoclastic, ditsy  Brit.

Executing his fame-obsessed wish
In formaldehyde he dipped a fish
The resultant preserved postmodern shark
Enclosed in glass,  made its mark.

Bought by a hedge fund guy... funny -
Only he could afford the money
No shrieks of envy pass my lips
I'd  rather have my fish with chips.