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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How The Mollusk Got Its Stripes

Rode on the beach calling, "Ta ta, ta ta"
Her prosaic pale-yellow mollusk carriage
'Twas a vehicle which I have to disparage.

Though powered  by zebra
Of stripes that would please ya
This lack-luster shell did not ring my bell
A visual fact that made La La unwell.

She stopped at El Mar
Where the azure spread far
To water her zebras
Dried out from their seizures.

A flock of magpies fond of her hat
Nested in there and that was that
One of them pecked at La La's cranium
Out came her brainium, hue of geranium.

It flowed down her arm right onto the mollusk
The stream was robust; she lamented, "Tsk, tusk"
Startled, the zebras reared up and down
 Imprinting stripes on the shell all around.

Now the ride of the Queen of Zebras
Outshines that of the Queen of Sheba's
La La's mind is now vacant; but I've no gripes–
Small price to pay for the mollusk's stripes.


  1. Beautifully composed poem, art and execution. Love La La.

  2. Your poems and paintings bring me tears of happiness.

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  4. Is there a way I can print this and add it to my copy of your book?

  5. My new book, Jellyfish Hash, will be out this summer and will consist of all the art and tales of the sea, including How the Mollusk got its Stripes. You can purchase it on my blog. Thanks so much for your interest in my work.

  6. If I look at your art too long, it hurts my brainium.

  7. Thank you, DJR, I think.

  8. The poem is wild. I can see that you are in vacation mode. The painting is beautiful!

  9. It did not feel like a vacation. I agonized over it. Thanks!

  10. Depingo, you do this because you know I was not in our English class that often. This is cruel to by brainium. I am wearing out my dictionary pages after which I am only seeing stripes before my tired eyes. I think I love what you are doing here, but I really need a vacation, not in Florida though!

  11. JB I am sorry your brainium and your dictionarium are worn-outium. You can rest them up all week because I can't work that fastium and will not post Poached Soul until next Monday. You should have come to class more frequentlium. xoxoxoDepingo

  12. Love your blog. It is so nice to meet and know you. Thank you for being so funny.