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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Boys Will Be Buoys

 OFT HAPPENS on the summer solstice
On the Isle of Moor,  just off Atlantis
 To cure the boys of colds and bronchitis
 Keeping them well so they can apprentice.

Captain Quack brews the boys blowfish tea
Prescribing sometimes as many as three
 Then sets sail with the lads, "Hard alee!"
(Just sayin,' seems suspicious to me.)

For blowfish puffs up inside your knee
You get laryngitis and top heavy
After the boys get their voices back
  Quack fixes them another snack.

He tells their mothers, "They're sick indeed"
They plead, "Return them!" Says he, "No need
Take head, my treatment is gratis
If you declare me loco parentis."

He knots anchors around the boy's necks
Blimey! Parents look like shipwrecks
As he tosses their children into the drink
All watch as down to the bottom they sink.

First rise the bubbles with a gushing noise
After that, the now buoyant boys
Ships tether to legs which look more like toys
No troubles, no poise, Quack's off to St. Croix's.

  Post Script

Boy ahoy! Boy ahoy!
Hope this tale won't kill your joy
Don't drink blowfish––it'll make you screwy
And if you're a boy, you'll turn into a buoy.


  1. Ghastly concept, beautiful art.

  2. Thanks for liking the art SA. The image is one I carried around from my earliest age when my father told me what buoys were. He said they were little boys who stuck their legs up above the sea, upon whose legs you could tether your ship.

  3. What I learned from this:

    If you meet Captain Quack
    There is no going back.

  4. I can see how long this was in your mind and all the meticulous efforts in drawing this wonderful fantasy. And the poem is quite witty and the explanation, well, a bit strange, but Depingo can be too. I wonder where you and your father found this Blowfish drink? Is it FDA approved!

  5. Ahoy Mate, Where da ya think we found blowfish tea? Inside the blowfish, of course, at the bottom of the darkest depths of the sea. BTW they have no FDA down there. Thanks for reading my blog!

  6. Bravo Depingo! I love this! Tell me, which twists you the most to the finished work–the drawing or poem? They certainly compliment each other.

  7. No, I would not like a cup of blowfish tea.

  8. Thank you for your book, Jellyfish Hash. It is great! I can not wait to show the girls.