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John Torreano, Clinical Professor of Studio Art, NYU

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Seymour Chwast

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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Kitchen People

Niagara, digital painting
 THE WALLS ARE ALIVE! With the sound of people!

 I am constantly amazed by my exploration of the world around me. I have decided to share with my readers an important discovery of mine. To wit: there is  another universe which is  teeming with life existing on my kitchen walls. Though strange, the little beings who live in this universe look  something like you and me and pretty much do similar things.  Since I was certain that people would not believe me, I started documenting this universe by painting its inhabitants.

The above painting, Niagara, is my first documentary painting. What's going on here I am not quite sure, but they are clearly there with a cascade of water behind them. They are just  two of the thousands of people carrying on the activities of their  daily little lives–in my kitchen–while I am making toast. They are similar to us in that they are laughing, singing, kissing, being nosy, having babies, celebrating and more.

Forget about being an artist in good standing in the history of art! After this discovery, I will probably win the Nobel Prize!

More kitchen people below.

Thin Ice, digital painting

Kiss, digital painting

Self Toast, digital painting

Newborn, digital painting

Nosy, digital painting

See! Now you  have seen the proof of their existence.


  1. Intriguing and intelligent!

  2. This is soo amazing. The tiles really tell you a story. Really terrific work.

  3. Love your digital art! You are incredible!!
    So clever to show the marble tiles that were your "muses"

  4. Your ART Makes Me Happy!

  5. Susan you have a great talent and a most endearing manner of displaying it.

  6. Here I was imagining your kitchen wall populated with people and I liked it. However, I now realise they are living in a different dimension. Will we ever meet?

  7. visualise myself at Foxglove in the Spring, arguing with the sarcastic swans and romping with Lulu ... right after we have that drink with the kitchen people.