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John Torreano, Clinical Professor of Studio Art, NYU

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Seymour Chwast

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Friday, June 2, 2017


Uncatchable, detail, mixed media on linen, 36 x 24" (click image  to enlarge)xxxXXXxXXXXx

UNCATCHABLE is one of the "guests" attending my Garden Party, a body of work containing 15 or so paintings exploring the theme of harmony between  humanity and nature. While working on these paintings, I did not know I was painting a garden party. Upon completion, though, observing the finished paintings leaning against my studio wall, I knew just where I was–at a garden party among my “guests.” And who doesn’t like a party!

Despite its theme, Uncatchable, is translucent rather than transparent, raising many questions. For starters:  Is the model morphing into a butterfly since her forearms are comprised of emerging butterflies and she has a winged insect adorning her face?  Is the butterfly a mask or is it part of her face? The butterfly's thorax looks remarkably like a human  nose. Is she in danger of being caught in the nets of the lepidopterists behind her? Is that what's causing "butterflies in the stomach"? Or does her composure and confidence tell us that she is immune to being caught? Or, perhaps in a broader sense she is a stand-in for feminism.

As to the question of why she sports caterpillars as garters? I can answer that...

so her stockings don't fall down!


  1. Lepdooptera none the less. There is more than salt in the water in Florida. I admire your creativity. I wish I would have concentrated more on Graduate School. Canyon Road needs your art.

  2. You have an amazing imagination!!!

  3. :

    What a gorgeous creation!.... God has blessed you with some amazing talent and you are paying it forward for all of us to enjoy.

  4. Your work is so magical! Just love it.

  5. This is very beautiful art work! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Your paintings appear to be wonderfully obsessive and subversive as well as beautifully made.

  7. Wow,wow.Fantasticooooo!!!!.

  8. I am happy for you that your work is receiving such recognition. Congrats!