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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Out of Thin Air

Out of Thin Air, mixed media, 24 x 36 inches xxxxxxxxxx

2016 seems like it came out of thin air and, coincidentally, so does my first painting of the new year and first exhibition at The Guild 5 Forty five in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl., both named, Out of Thin Air.
Of course, the new years don’t really come out of thin air; they come out of the passage of time. But these mysterious things called my paintings, where do they come from? Out of thin air?  It seems like they do, because first there is nothing and then something starts to appear. My paintings come from the strata of my mind where I have stored all the images that I have encountered in life. These images are then transferred from mind to hand, erupting onto a canvas with the help of pigments, liquids, brushes, fingers and an occasional tantrum.
Not only did my new painting arise out of thin air, but within the painting itself a bear has appeared in the clouds out of thin air. I’ll bet all of you have seen things in clouds that resonate with you. The particular thin-air moment captured in this painting–the boy viewing the bear in the sky–is poignant and to me marks his transition from boyhood  to manhood.
I personally can remember my transition into the adult world.  It occurred when I didn’t play with my beloved, favorite doll, Lucy, any more. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to, but because I was embarrassed to do so at my advanced age of 12.  I even asked my father to bring Lucy up to our summer house when he came for the weekend. Though conflicted, I was sort of happy when he forgot.  Similarly, the boy playing “Indians” with his teddy bear is now at the point in his life where he will soon have to leave his faithful and comforting teddy bear behind and face all the real life “bears” that adult life has to offer.
Fortunately, my model and favorite 12-year-old will have this painting as an aid to remember this exact moment in his life, along with other fragments from his surroundings. Maybe some day he’ll be able to utilize them in a painting or in some other creative way of his own.
And so the years, and life and painting, go round-and-round and up-and-down and finally emerge as paintings from out of thin air.


  1. When I was at your studio for the photo shoot, I couldn't take my eyes off this piece. It is so beautiful.

  2. Absolutely stunning!

  3. What s great artist...The symbolism of childhood and manhood is simply beautiful.

  4. I love this painting and story!

  5. Suzie, I love this painting. I am so glad you are including it in your March show.

  6. Creation is defined as making something from nothing or, as you put it, "out of thin air".... I am also reminded of the Latin translation of the word education....."e" and, "duce", or, to lead out, inferring we already know what we think we don't know!........

  7. Knowing someone that is so talented is such a pleasure. And a wonderful person as well!

  8. This is a beautiful piece of art work. The details are amazing. Congrats on your solo exhibition!

  9. As usual, the painting is great!

  10. I enjoy your posts, and am always glad you hear that you are exploring and growing as an artist.

  11. Beautiful work Susan, I am fascinated with the detail and intriguing images