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John Torreano, Clinical Professor of Studio Art, NYU

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Seymour Chwast

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Just What She Always Wanted

Vincent van Gogh
ran out of dough
Concomitantly he cut off his ear.
 How drear!

When the ladies scolded him,
 Their chides emboldened him
It was clear
Vincent could no longer hear!

He queried his escort while drying a tear,
"What do you think I besmear when I leer
 I've just got this lust for life. No fear!
My brother will take care of us, dear.

I assure you I'll be able to pay some day
After I paint Sunflowers...OK?
Then Starry Night, so we won't have to fight
 Besides, I love you. You're my delight.

Perhaps, dear one, it may seem queer
That I drink absinsthe rather than beer
So out of the ordinary I do want to veer
I'm giving you part of me... my ear!"


  1. Oh my dear I lost my ear but Theo will be sincere to pay my way as he always has, I love him so, because he has money you know, and he is my brother, as I would have no other, but you do too, and he's Tommy dear, who still has his first dime from way back in time but still has his ear I hope my dear, but one never knows what he's watching I hear so maybe that dime has disappeared

  2. Jack: Tom will have that coin for all time.
    For him that coin is more than sublime.
    Should he fall from rhyme into the slime,
    He would never have to ask,
    "Can you spare me a dime?"