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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas at Foxglove

THE CHRISTMAS TABLE IS SET. I am dining at Foxglove with Mr. and Mrs. Swan, Hulky, Bulky, and Snowy (their grown cygnets), fifty or so titmouses, three blue jays, two squirrels, Bella, Blossom and one dear. And he really is a dear. My husband is wondering whether he is the dear or if it is Jeff, the needlepoint deer which hangs over the fireplace.

While I am hoping our petulant amaryllis opens its outrageously red and white striped petals to scent the cottage air, a thousand uninvited Canadian geese crash our pre-dinner cocktail party. The swans let them stay for a half hour or so. "Hissssss!" they hiss, "What the hiss, it's Christmas."

Our Christmas tree is a living Norwegian spruce. It is out on the deck, overlooking the lake, its rootball warmed by mulch and burlap, lighted with white lights which twinkle on and off every now and again when squirrels mischievously dance in its boughs. The smaller birds love it and dart in and out, posing atop it and on its branches as if they were its ornaments. In addition to the tree, they are enjoying their Christmas present, a heated birdbath. I will never have to say goodbye to my tree because it will be planted in the woods of Foxglove during the first warm spell we have.

Pine and cedar garlands adorn the deck. Moss topiary ducks with red plaid bows sit sentry over the lake, guarding the cottage. Bella is old now and she is not too good at that anymore. But she is still is in charge of shoes.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Paint on,


  1. more pictures please! I want to see the ducks with their bows and your tree!

  2. Perhaps, worse than forgetting to get dressed for Halloween, I left my camera in NYC. However, I rigged up my iphone to some wire for an electronic boost and hope to crank some pics out of that. Modern technology and I are like oil and water. Paint on.

  3. Your work is outrageously beautiful Susan. As always. We would love to come to the art show in October. I will save all dates that you send.

  4. Heart in the ValleyDecember 26, 2010 at 9:18 AM

    Signet = cygnet

  5. Good catch Heart. I corrected that but now I will have to divorce the editor.

  6. divorce your spell check-- it may have "corrected" it from cygnet to signet

  7. Fancy dinner sounds good – make sure to count the water fowl before and after dinner.

    Just kidding!! He wouldn’t do that!

  8. Sandy, you gotta watch these chefs every minute!