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John Torreano, Clinical Professor of Studio Art, NYU

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Seymour Chwast

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Postcard from the Sea of Life -Butterflies


WOKE UP WITH BUTTERFLIES in my stomach this morning. Must have fallen in love with life. Always get butterflies when I fall in love. Does that ever happen to you? I didn't want them to stay in there–they were too fluttery and I wanted to see them, so I spread my bellybutton open and let them out.

They were so beautiful, I decided to wear them instead of my usual attire–jeans and t-shirt. I thought I looked very colorful.

When I went out, a couple of lepidopterists tried to catch them in their nets. This made me a little uneasy because the butterflies were my clothes. Then I got really nervous about it and got more butterflies in my stomach. I let them out and was once again well dressed.

Always get butterflies when I'm nervous. You?

Paint on,


  1. You are getting to be a great digital artist.

  2. Are there any pictures with the butterflies arrayed slightly differently?

  3. Beautiful and Great Art.

  4. lepidopterists? Impressive. You weave quite a story. I hope the butterflies are forming a nice outfit again, though nudity is also a freeing feeling.

  5. Sometimes the butterflies are arrayed differently, but I have to be really inspired.