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John Torreano, Clinical Professor of Studio Art, NYU

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Seymour Chwast

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Placebook 1.0

Are you tired of being able to see your friends only virtually on Facebook? Then the new app. Placebook 1.0 is for you. Only Placebook can transport you actually, that's right, a-c-t-u-a-l-l-y, from place to place wherever and whenever you want to go. Just enter your friend's address, press the "Go" button, and you will be gently sucked in, swept away and instantaneously ejected from your friend's computer. You will be there visiting with your friend - a- c -t- u -a l- l - y - not merely virtually as that dinosaur Facebook does it. Imagine how surprised your friends will be to see you in the flesh. Be among the first to install the release version of Placebook.

Are you worried that if you install Placebook, your many hundreds of friends will be popping in on you at all hours of the day and night? Don't be concerned. Placebook 2.0, currently in development, will include an optional feature–Macebook. Just one squirt and they're gone!

Placebook and Macebook are registered trademarks of Depingo Ergo Sum. You can only get them here. No guarantees. None at all. But they are reasonably priced.


  1. Thank you Susan........I've poked around your's delightful. I salute you for intimidates me....I gotta use scissors and glue. We are lucky though to be able to create scenes with words and pictures!
    See you on Placebook.

  2. Placebook and Macebook.....Hmmmmmm- Seems TRON invented the forerunner to binary object transmission in 1982. I know because I was on the Disney TRON digital animation movie development team, but I like your concept just as well.