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Monday, March 15, 2010

No, I Had Not Gone "Mental"

I had the occasion to draw patients in the day room of a psychiatric ward. No, I had not gone "mental." I was waiting for an appointment with a doctor there because I had sudden onset asthma. Since there was no physical cause for it, and thinking it was stress related, my GP wanted me to consult a psychologist there. The waiting room was directly across from the day room with a full view of it.

Instead of getting depressed by this view of worse-for-the wear patients, I was elated by their poignant beauty and expressive form. I started drawing them in my journal. They loved their portraits and I loved drawing them. They were perfect models because they were for the most part either slow moving or stationary. I actually think the drawings made them feel better ephemerally and I'm so happy that I could help them a little.

A nurse made me stop drawing them. She said that no cameras were allowed and I was too accurate in depicting them. I told her I thought that was a good thing and she said that I would probably get sued.

Her name was Ratchett.

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