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John Torreano, Clinical Professor of Studio Art, NYU

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Seymour Chwast

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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Aragonite For Breakfast

OYSTERS on the half shell
Delicious! - slide or chew
Not so easy though
When the eyes look up at you.

And just before my bite
It screamed, "Arrhggg, Aragonite*!
Aragonite!" with all its might
Fingers raised, staring in fright.

"Choke, choke," I heard it croak
Poke, poke, I poked the bloke
Cough, cough, it spit up a pearl
I  didn't eat but gave it a twirl

To get the pearl of course! I am a girl
With no remorse. "To the sea with ye!"–hurl!
I hung the pearl from my necklace
And then went on with my breakfast.

PS  *Aragonite is the mineral normally found in pearls.
 It is more powerful than kryptonite.

PPS  Only really good sports will model for me anymore.

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  1. Very nice. Holy mother of pearl!!!

  2. Wow! Move over Francis Bacon!

  3. I thought I asked for the XL shell!!


  4. As Always, a Pearl before the canvas!

  5. Love the Susan by the Sea stories. So entertaining-and new art, but I thought you were painting a crab.

  6. John, The crab is coming in two weeks. Next week - Turtle Tat a tale about inherent, hidden dangers of tatoos! Thanks for reading my blog.

  7. This one reminds me of Jenny Saville.

  8. Thanks. Love Jenny Saville.

  9. A freakish, yet spot-on resemblance.

  10. You are a creative spirit and fabulous artist.

  11. Love this, girl you have exquisite, exotic channels