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Friday, May 4, 2012

One Stilletto

She's got soul. He's a heel.

Made in Heaven blurred sex and art
Jeff Koons' wife got the part of the tart
He thought, "in flagrante delicto - perfecto!"
 I'd rather see them dining alfresco
And would rate it only:  *One Stiletto*

His porn-star wife soon split and he let her
A puppy of flowers would be so much better
 Complete with irrigation system to wet her!
(Cicciolina now makes him shudder
He wishes he never met her.)

Extremely fond of appropriation
Koons used the banal for his kitschy creation
Got sued for recycling but throughout the strife
Festooned the world with his in-your-face trife
Borrowing from low cultural life.

Koons hired goons to make his cartoons
Sold them for millions to Philistine tycoons
The factory approach I'm told really sold
His balloons never pop and they're hard to hold
For the price, they should be made of gold.


  1. Jeff Koons' work is for loons.

  2. His art goes over about as well as a lead balloon.