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Monday, May 9, 2016

The Flower God

PAINTINGS: Nicole, Iris Allee, at Eric Landgraf NYC xxxxx

PAINTINGS: Bi-Directional,, Iris Allee at Eric Landgraf, NYC

I AM A FLOWER GIRL–and a very lucky flower girl at that– because I have had a long and fruitful, or perhaps I should say flowerful, relationship with the Flower God. I have known him for all eternity plus infinity. His name is Eric Landgraf, but don't be fooled. That would be his mortal name were he to be mortal. But that has not, is not, cannot and never will be the case. He owns Eric Landgraf Florist, on York Avenue in Manhattan. But his emporium is not really a flower shop as we know it. The Flower God doesn't merely arrange flowers; he paints with them, sculpts them, coddles them into magnificent submission. After he touches them with his magic, they are no longer flowers, they are art. For dinner parties he creates centerpieces of thyme, zucchini flowers and rosemary, tethered with fanciful loops of spun honey. But you have to keep an eye on your dinner guests because they occasionally try to eat those.

He never advertises (that is how I know he is not mortal) and the sign on his shop is so small I could cover it with the palm of my hand. Yet the chicest people, clubs, advertising agencies, coops and restaurants all want his flowers. He makes flowers for the stars–and I mean that in both senses of the word. He sends flowers to his longtime customer Jackie O in heaven. She loves his creations and is more than willing to pay the extra charge for delivery to heaven because the local flowers are just not as heavenly as Eric Landgraf's.

Generally, the Flower God is beneficent, kindly and jovial. But don't ever ask him for a bouquet with mums or babies breath in it. He doesn't believe that they are even florae and therefore will not allow them to sully his shop. He would be very angry should you ask for them and would probably brain you with a bunch of pussy willow branches or prick you all over with rose thorns.

Today the Flower God took our relationship to the next level. He graciously turned the entire front window of his shop over to me, a mere mortal painter, for use as my personal gallery space. As if that were not enough, he also let me design the window and choose the paintings I wanted to exhibit with no input from him. This really surprised me because (don't tell him I said so) sometimes he is really bossy. When I asked him which of the exquisitely beautiful gift items in the shop he wanted me to include, he reminded me that it was my decision. I was in charge, he said, and his only role was as a carpenter to hang my 72" wide painting Iris Allee from the ceiling. (Hmm, that sounds eerily reminiscent of another divine, sandal-clad carpenter.) Then, radiantly washed with amber rays from the sun, posed on high atop his 19th century French antique ladder, flower-printed hammer and phillips screw driver aloft, he looked down upon me and softly said, "Now who else would put a hole in their ceiling for you?"

PAINTINGS: Nicole, Bi-directionalL and Iris Allee at Eric Langraf NYC

Since that divine moment, many theological questions have been troubling me: Is the Flower God's heart comprised of Dicentra spectabilis? When it is time to change the window display, will the Flower God put another hole in his ceiling for me? Do I, a mere acolyte, have a chance to someday become a Flower Demigod?

Only thyme will tell.


  1. You have yet again created a painting with your art and my flowers. You are the GODESS of composition. I can only hope to be your follower...Or should I say FLOWERER..LOVE, E.

  2. very nice & realistic & surreal compositions with the paintings. k

  3. Caroline SeckingerApril 20, 2010 at 9:26 AM

    this is really amazing
    your ruminations are of such breadth and wit
    portraits are the window into your magic mind
    i love the depth you go in the thinking on this blog
    i will soon with a glass of wine sit down and absorb it all
    the store window is great
    you treat the paintings as an object
    it is irreverent and playful
    wonder- full


  4. Everybody still loves your window and your paintings. What's up?

  5. I've bee admiring your work at Eric Landgraf. Every time I walk by I have to stop to admire your skills. You are good!!!!

  6. I love this painting! Interesting choice of words too."

  7. My mother always threatened to brain us when we were kids. The painting will be in my show in October at Good News Gallery.

  8. Beautiful Iris paintings. Why were their two. Canvas not big enough?

  9. Susan, I love the images from the flower shop. They are incredible! Also the children's animal drawings are amazing, I think they should be shown....


  10. You are a very fine Artist and also a wonderful Writer. I would say a Poet indeed. Keep up your fantastic work!

  11. Oh honey I love how you are spreading your wings and riding the currents of your creative mind Xoxox

  12. One word: Brilliant

  13. You write like you paint, with lyrical language and imagination. You take me on a journey and I love that!

  14. Makes me want to catch the next plane to New York just to walk by the window.